The Brief
Being largely perceived as a business hotel chain, Marriott wanted to be seen as a fun destination for a younger audience. They also wanted to create an ‘Always on’ presence that would prevent the peaks and troughs of burst campaigns throughout the year.
The Solution
Utilising social and traditional media I delivered this project that meant that there was always a destination to discover your ‘Weekend Self’. Ensuring that the site was fully optimised for leisure, weekend break type keywords allowed the site to grow over time in search results. Underpinned with constant social media content there will always be activity around the site.

The site was designed to show people ideas for their ideal weekend (supported by social media) and allowed for additional themes to be created e.g. be your Romantic self. This allowed Marriott to start to be recognised as a destination for fun and relaxation not just business.

The site continues to receive up to 2000 visits a week and has a conversion rate of around 22%